Welcome to The World of Math!

Hi, if you are asking about math because you don’t like it I will tell you that I used to not like math as well.  Math is not bad because it is helping you learn. People don’t like math mostly because they don’t know it. I used to hate math because I didn’t know it, but then I worked really at getting better.     My dad helped me with my math homework, I did Think Through Math lesson, I did Big Brainz on my iPad, and most importantly I never gave up.  So I hope you start working hard and liking math.


Welcome to Music World

Music is fun in almost all things. If you were to ask me about music if it is fun or not I would say that it is very fun. So if you ask somebody who places an instrument I bet you they like music and so should you. You might be wondering if I play an instrument well I do I play the piano I play the piano because I like music. My family has a google Home and I like to listen to Katy Pery songs on it.